Sunday, January 25, 2009

A time for meditation

I've taken on a new routine for meditating. I have decided to attempt a shift from random often sporadic meditations of rather short length, to longer ritualistic meditations at designated times. I at least want to try this routine for a two week period. This is at the recommendation of Ram Dass, in his book Journey of Awakening: A Meditator's Guidebook.

I added a few photos here. One is of the new meditation pose I'm trying out, I believe it is the half lotus. The other photo is of a string of meditation beads Jen made for me out of some beads our friends gave to us.

Just what is meditation? Ram Dass writes "For surfers it is the moment when they come into equilibrium with the incredible force of the wave. For skiers it is when the balance is perfect. When our skills fit the demand perfectly, then there is no anxiety. Then we have proved ourselves. Then there is nothing left to do. In that moment our awareness expands." I think this is an incredible explanation. I love how simply he states what it is he is explaining. It's as if he has said this a thousand different times in a thousand different ways and this is just the billionth attempt at a perfect explanation.

Balance, equilibrium, no anxiety... What moment is this for a Naturist? Speaking for myself, I imagine standing on the edge of a cool river with the sun bouncing off of my naked body. As I stand there in the sun, totally at peace, the warm breeze of the late summer afternoon blows gently by. On the bluff next to me are a small group of happily naked folks laughing and sharing tales, and sipping cold microbrewed ales. It is the start of a great afternoon as I head down for a nude swim in the river. This is the Bliss of a Naturist. This is being in the moment. The feel of the wind, the water, and the sun are Divine. There is nothing left to hang on to. Just be.

For any readers out there, I would love to hear from you about your meditative Naturist moments! Namaste'.

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