Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex Toys in Rite Aid?

I saw this fine "mini plunger" made by "helping hand" while shopping at Rite Aid today, looking for a shower drain. This was after walking around lost in the maze of aisles selling practically every household convenience (I am not in Rite Aid very often, if at all). I am sure that Wal Mart would dwarf this store... Why are sex toys not available at Wal Mart or AMPM or Rite Aid or Safeway?? Just another example of our "sex negative" culture?

The word that comes to mind is "stigma". There is a "stigma" around this thing called sexual pleasure! From Merriam Webster a Stigma is "1- A scar left by a hot iron, brand. 2- A mark of shame or discredit, stain." I think that there needs to be a stigma around denying ourselves pleasure!! What is this martyrdom? Puritanical "wisdom"?? OK.. so it just plain don't make no sense! Obviously the word "stigma" implies that there is some healing and/or acceptance/"moving on" that needs to occur around the issue at hand. We must find a way to heal as individuals, and as a society!

The experience at Rite Aid today just makes me all the more aware of the buried sexuality in mainstream culture- as in 6 feet under buried. It's as if sexuality in the magazines, movies, etc is merely the headstone for this burial site, advertising the sweet bliss that lies just below our planted feet.

If you have not done so already, what are you waiting for! Be sure to read Sex for One by Betty Dodson, and embrace the sexual side of our human nature!! Love yourself today!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Time for Sun!

Spring is Here! If you have an indoor job like most people, you need to start making the effort to get out and get a little tan now! Don't wait until that vacation to the Bahamas in the middle of summer to be burnt to a crisp. A little sun at a time, several times a week is best.

If you have time listen in on the Naturist Living Show, they have a special episode just about vitamin D and sunshine. In the episode, they interview Dr. Holick author of The UV Advantage. Either by listening to the show or reading his book, or both, you can get a good idea as to what a safe level of sun exposure is for you. You will also learn how much your body has evolved to use the sun to create vitamin D within the body, and how much your body uses this essential vitamin!