Thursday, November 27, 2014

Naked Thanksgiving Day with the Spirit of Bali Women

Blessings from the land of Bali! May you be Well and in Good company today. No matter where you are may you find a chance moment to share your Thanks with someone, or simply have a time where you can settle down from all the excitement and carry that feeling of Naked Thankfulness in your heart. I am so curious to know what you all are thankful for & what inspires that thankfulness. How do you become connected to that feeling/sensation of being Grateful? Apparently for myself it isn't that complicated, requiring only the simple act of healthy naked women offering good food in worship.

I am very thankful to Google for allowing me to search "Naked Gratitude", scan thousands of images and helping me find a wonderful blog called Daughter of the Sun. After following the eye catching images, I came to discover that these are women who love to travel, practice primitive skills, and worship with women in faraway lands. I am proud to be sharing the Bali-esque scenes they have recreated on Catalina Island. They even have an online store where you can purchase some of their finely handcrafted ceremonial items.

Want to eat food prepared with intention like the Balinese women do? Check out some tasty healthy treats from Cafe Gratitude. They serve up some amazingly delicious meals and deserts that are often raw and vegan! Its surprising and impressive what they can do with some simple ingredients. They will ask you when you dine there "What are you Grateful for?". Perhaps a good meal? A close friend to share it with? Just being alive?

 Recently I heard someone say that she had started a practice of being Grateful for everything, good, bad or anywhere in between. When you are grateful for one thing somehow it opens up a miraculously freeing Thankful feeling around something else! In this way you slowly become reprogrammed to delight in the things that may have ruined your day just yesterday! Below I have listed a few of the small and Big things that I am grateful for in this moment.

I am grateful for women making their own drums, naked beach weather, close friendships without end, God's sense of humor, crazy unpredictable women, predictable women, finding just the right person for that moment, finding the totally wrong person, family that is always there, unpredictable decisions of others in my life, not knowing what I will like/dislike, never knowing who I will find next to share in my life, continuously evolving adventures, swimming in deep cold pools on hot summer days, fragmented falling apart memory, having good eats & better drink to share while recalling childhood memories with someone, everyday muscle tension, the innate ability to relax, my own ability to grow, to be refreshed, & be born anew, fossil fuels/free energy, being Alive, being Well, knowing that an experience that will change my life dramatically is yet to happen.

Thank you soooo much for enjoying this blog today! Please share what you are Grateful for! Being Grateful and in the moment has the power to change you. Be sure to Give Thanks to those you Love and those you have had mixed/good/bad/indifferent feelings for. Stay Grateful. Stay Nude!

*Photo Content Credit Daughter of the Sun blog