Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nude Interview at Pirate's Cove with Gabrielle Sunheart of Plus Size Perfection

E Cinowalt: What was your inspiration to begin the Plus Size Perfection kindle magazine? And what has helped you stick with the magazine?

G Sunheart: The inspiration was I already had a fan base that was buying picture sets from me. It was good money. Easy money. Every month when I released these picture sets, it was like “oh my god!” these people are still buying these. It wasn’t a one time thing! So after the third or fourth installment of these picture set books, I was like I need to turn this into a monthly magazine. So I did and it’s still going strong!

E Cinowalt: I think you get a good deal of feedback. Are there any stories you’d like to tell about people’s lives that you’ve impacted?

G Sunheart: Well men have said that they are so grateful to see a woman who presents herself without makeup, without a bunch of photoshop, and is proud of the way she looks, and confident, and happy. I appear very happy in the pictures. That draws people in and I think that’s what they’re attracted to. It isn’t so much what I look like, but it’s my energy, my good positive energy.

And women are happy that I do it because it encourages them to Love themselves as they are. You know, which may be plus size, may be skinny, whatever! The whole message is to Love yourself the way you are and to show that. Be beautiful the way you are.

E Cinowalt: Are there some important things you’d like to say about yourself? About you growing up?

G Sunheart: When I was in third grade I knew I wanted to be a Playboy model. I knew that. That was what I wanted to do when I grew up. But being naturally Plus size and naturally curvier, well I don’t know if Playboy would want me to do (a feature). If they asked me I would say yes. But in the mean time I’ve created my own publication.

Comments from fans have been that the pictures are Playboy quality. But I think it’s better, because there isn’t a bunch of airbrushing, and photoshop and I’m not super skinny with big boobs. And I think it’s better in it’ own special way. But I’m still a huge fan of Playboy and I love what they do.

I love nude photography. But most of all I just love my life because I get to be so positive and do what I want and get to go where I want. I feel very blessed to have the fan base that I do, because they make it possible for me to live my dream of doing these photo shoots and being a plus size model.

E Cinowalt: You mentioned Play boy and how you’ve wanted to be a model since a very young age, did you read the magazines then?

G Sunheart: I got a copy of the magazine when my mom was dating this big loser. He was just a total jerk to her. But anyways, I flipped through the magazine and was like that’s what I want to do. For sure that’s what I want to do. I just thought it was so sexy and beautiful, and such an honor to be appreciated for the way you look. I don’t know if that’s shallow or vain or whatever, but I just love looking at beautiful things.

I love beautiful places. And I want to be beautiful and appreciated the way that I am. To me I’m beautiful. To each their own. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So if people love it great, if they don’t that’s ok too.

E Cinowalt: So, in case some of your fans are reading this, do you want to say some of your turn ons and turn offs?

G Sunheart: Yeah. I love a guy who is generous with his time and his money and treats me like a Queen. That’s what I love. I like the finer things in life. I love to travel. I love wine tasting. And I love going to beautiful places. So a guy that is happy to accommodate he just might get the golden ticket.

Turn offs would be the flipside of that. It would be cheapskate guys, guys who try to make you feel bad about yourself, guys who say rude things. I guess they say “nice guys finish last”, but in my book it’s the opposite. Jerks finish last. Jerks don’t even get a chance. Nice guys get the golden ticket. That’s with me.

It’s basically the way they treat the people around them. Oh and if I’m out on a date with a guy and he treats the waitress/waiter disrespectfully that’s a dealbreaker, cause I know he’s a jerk. He’s gonna be a jerk to me once he gets what he wants. So if you’re on a date with me, be nice to the wait staff otherwise you’re done.

E Cinowalt: Obviously you love traveling, you love being outdoors, but as far as being a model and being an image of confidence to people, what do you love most about that?

G Sunheart: What I love most about it is being a part of artwork, being a part of the photography. I like the timelessness of being a plus size model. Who knows? 60 years from now, 100 years from now, people will look at these images that are being created each month and honor it for what it is. It’s a beautiful unique form of art. And hopefully it will become a part of culture, pop culture, entertainment, and art work.

E Cinowalt: When you are being/acting sexy for these photo shoots, what are some things you think about?

G Sunheart: Well hopefully the photographer is a hot guy! That always helps, because you’re in the presence of a hot guy. And it’s easier to be flirtier and sexier if your photographer is hot. You know that helps. I try to make sure my photographers are hot guys, so the pictures will happen. But if not, I can still get good pictures because I  am very photogenic, I know my angles, I know the way the light hits me, and the way I should pose myself. I know all those things by now. So I’ll always get a good picture, but hot photographer? Super awesome!

E Cinowalt: Is there any one thing you would like to say to people, male or female, to remind them of their innate confidence in their own beauty?

G Sunheart: Yes, here is the best advice I can give you. If you are not happy in your life you’re not going to feel good, you’re not going to look good, you’re not going to be sexy, and you’re not going to be confident. So if you’re not happy in your life you need to acknowledge that. And realize that you are the only one that can change that for yourself. If you need to leave someone who doesn’t appreciate you, if you need to change your job, or you need to move somewhere where you’d be happier. Whatever it is you need to do to make yourself happy that needs to be your first priority.

Then once you’re happy, sexiness and confidence will follow. But you need to be happy. You are the one who decides how you live your days. You can’t blame your husband or your mom or however you were raised or whatever. You can’t do that cause you’re in charge of your life. You’re the one driving that car, so take control over yourself. Make the changes you need to make. Be happy. Cause happiness is sexy. True happiness is True sexiness!

You’re just going to attract people when you’re happy. If you’re not happy and you’re miserable you’re not going to attract anyone. So it’s not about buying stuff, it’s not about showing off, or being egotistical, it’s really about being happy. And that’s my secret to success. It’s changing the things in your life you need to be happy.

E Cinowalt: So, you’ve been doing Plus Size Perfection kindle magazine for how long?

G Sunheart: I’ve been doing photography and modeling for about two years. I honed in on the Plus Size Perfection last October (2013). It became an official subscription magazine in January of this year (2014). I just realized, forget doing books, people want it every month!

Sometimes I go places that are so beautiful that the picture doesn’t do it justice. You need the film so that people can really experience the visual beauty of it. So I’m adding the films and subscriptions are $25.00 a month. That gets you the magazine and the films. And it’s quite beautiful. I get comments from my fans that are saying the month just doesn’t go by fast enough. People can’t wait for the next installment. It just makes me so happy, to know that I get to live my dreams, thanks to my fans!

E Cinowalt: And you also have a You Tube channel?

G Sunheart: Yes, basically it’s like the PG-13 version of the magazine and the film, but it’s a great way to reach out and grow my audience, grow my fan base, without spending any money advertising. As is, I haven’t spent any money advertising at all! So I’ve just sort of organically attracted all my fans which is pretty freakin cool.

E Cinowalt: Is there anything upcoming next that you have in mind?

G Sunheart: Well as soon as I have enough subscribers to fund my travels I am planning on heading abroad, and heading out to New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, Iceland, Alaska, Italy, Portugal. I’m planning on spending about a month in each country. So if you live in some beautiful place and you’d like to sponsor my travels or host me then please get in touch with me because I plan on traveling the entire world. And doing my beautiful photography and magazine and films, and going to the most breathtakingly beautiful places throughout the whole world. I have to have enough subscribers to make it happen, but I’m not too far from that! So it’s really exciting and I can’t wait!

If you would like to see more of the lovely Gabrielle Sunheart, you may find her ebooks (including Plus-Size Perfection) online at Amazon or see her many sexy and entertaining travel videos on you tube. If you do check her out on line or in person I think you will be glad you did. She delivers the goods and is always a delight!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Nude hiking at Montane de Oro

Well viewers I don't know what to say to excuse my three years to the day of blog silence other than "It's Great to be Back!". I hope you all have been well and kept up your Nude traditions, and maybe even started a few new ones! Hiking around nude in the county where I grew up is new to me. There is no reason why San Luis Obispo couldn't be an excellent Naturist destination though. They do have the incredible Pirate's Cove, numerous secluded beaches good for spontaneous nudity, and plenty of wonderfully secluded hiking trails.

Many years ago when I wrote my last blog, I was a man on an adventure. That hasn't changed although the names of things have. At the time I was happily married, but was also very intent on exploring Naked farming as well as Polyamorous relationships. It ended up that I spent several years working on a naked farm, and in so doing abandoned my long held stable marriage. This gave me opportunity to explore all I liked the possibilities of an open relationship. In the end, it became something I was not too interested in as long as most all my needs were being met by my primary partner and I could have close friendships as well.

Kind of like unfamiliar weeds in an open pasture, desiring non monogamy really indicated poor health of the marriage and plenty of unmet needs. After coming out of this struggle and into a more fulfilling relationship, it became crystal clear what those needs were. I am so grateful for this experience. Dating an incredibly attractive younger woman and working with her for several years on the farm was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. It was ultimately her openness, honesty, and creativity that helped heal me and open my heart wide again to the world.

Unfortunately the naked vegetable farming phase of my life has come to an end. Along with the farming went the beautiful lady I shared those years with. Although we keep in touch, our lives are fairly well being directed in disparate directions. What is that new direction for me? Well it is a little early to tell, but I can say that there is a someone special.. some great friendships.. and a promising new avocation!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Read in the Nude!

Naked book reading is In! Did you know they read science fiction naked in Seattle? Not only are books read naked there, but in East Germany as well. They also do it in BC! Maybe a better question is where don't people read naked? Who knows!

There is even a Naked Girls Book Club.

A Dream about Love

Here is a dream about Love that I had sometime over a year ago. I think it is so interesting how Love evolves within us, for us and because of us. This dream is part of my own personal Love Evolution within myself.

Last night I dreamt of you. We were in a crowd of people; all was quiet to me except for you. You had your hand on someone laying down; you knelt and looked into my eyes and said the words "I have cancer.". I wept. I cried deeply. I hugged you; you embraced me back in your warm fuzzy long sleeve button up green and grey sweater. I felt deeply sad. I grieved for you, at the loss of you. I felt deeply the sense of sorrow within myself at having to live without you. My attachment to you is as strong as ever. Maybe if I understood better I would want to genuinely give up my love attachment to you.

But I don't see what is to stop me from flying headlong deeply in love with you
with the fantasy of you
with the real you
with the memory of you
with the fake you
with the future you
with the emotional you
with the loving you
the angry you
the selfish you
the giving you

than again, I think I do understand but I really really don't. What I understand is that I cannot understand the powerful emotion of raw love
of electric attraction
of stampeding elephants

I want to be there so badly. I want to cry. I just want to be there, there where you are, where you create your secret worlds. I want to be in the place where I think I am not wanted.
where I think I am not welcome
not invited
not intended to be there

I am on the outside looking in
the glass on the window is cold

I dream of a connection beyond all of this
no boundaries
no mistrust
no broken glass
only Love
only sweet summer clouds and Love

Please let me know what you think! I would also appreciate hearing any dreams about Love that any of you may have had and would like to share.

Blessings and Awakening Wishes to you All. May your connections to Love be strong, your thoughts be rooted in the moment, and your nourishment be alive and nutrient dense. Oh yeah.. and don't forget to Go Naked in your dreams; it's not illegal yet!