Monday, June 21, 2010

WNBR 2010 San Francisco!

The ride gathered at Thomas Herman Plaza from 12-1 and we all started bicycling in a big circle in the plaza just after 1 o'clock. We then rode bikes leisurely through the city, mostly through tourist dense areas, allowing for hundreds and hundreds of camera and i-phone photo ops for tourists naturally expecting this kind of thing in San Francisco! There was an extended break at City Hall around 3 o'clock or so. It was great to enjoy the shade, and many Naked bikers bought ice cream from a street vendor with a rolling cooler/cart.

In one of the above photos of City Hall you might notice that as this throng of 30 or so Naked bikers descended with their rolling flesh cloud upon City Hall, a couple was happily having their wedding photos taken on the front steps! Since city hall was near where I was staying and I was already very sun-fried I headed home early, as the enthusiastic group biked on in the Nude.

I am feeling very grateful, having met some great folks in person for the first time, including Edward and Woody. I shared many fun chants along the ride with a Nude "family" for the day. Most of the usual WNBR chants were repeated throughout the ride: "Less Gas, More Ass!!", "Burn Fat, Not Oil!!" or sometimes a Nude biker would just yell to a motorist stalled at a stoplight "Get a bike!".

I would like to send out a big "Thank You" to my loving partner Jen! Thanks for your support, watching my "Smart Sharp" business stand at Farmers Market while I was gone, and helping with my share of family farm work! I love you!

In short, I had an incredibly good time at this year's World Naked Bike Ride. I especially enjoyed biking Naked along the tourist clutterd Embarcadero as I took in the views out onto the beautiful and sunny SF bay Nakedly honking, bell ringing, and chanting the whole way! I totally relished in the opportunity to feel the wind slide gracefully along my Naked body as it twisted and turned down the super steep and slowly snaking Lombard street. San Francisco is an awesome host city for the event and showed a great turnout by bay area riders too. What great crowds who cheered us on as we rode! Thank you to all that did!!

It might seem silly or "Hallmarky", but this was, for me a truly unforgettable experience! Perhaps the delight and relishment that I feel is a bit unusual and kinky in it's mathematical simplicity. For, why did I enjoy it so much? I think I really didn't know what to expect, but I did expect something, and that something was I guess relatively small in proportion to the enormity of the actual ride itself. Wow! What a thrill to have a group of us 100 or so riders (near the start) take off down the street, and get the vibrant and encouraging cheers from hundreds upon hundereds of wild eyed iphone wielding tourists!!

Not long before we rode up to City Hall, I recall a long street with tourists lining each sidewalk snapping photos and smiling, and a double decker bus paused in the middle of the street filled with excited tourists checking us out.. I wonder, what was that tour guide saying through the PA before and AFTER we rode by? What a difference huh? What I am most stoked about is that we could light up so many people's day and give them a story to tell upon their return home to someplace nestled deep in the corn country of Iowa or tucked away in the snow fields of a far away country that I've never even heard of...


  1. What a beautiful post. It was truly lovely meeting you "in the flesh" Eric!

  2. Very nice post. I like it.