Sunday, May 14, 2017

Investors/donors needed for naked community farm and nature preserve/sanctuary

Dear Beloved readers,

The time has come to purchase a private piece of Oregon forest land! The property abounds with clothes free opportunities. Along with being magical, private and serene there are great spots in the pastures and rivers to enjoy nature in the buff! You are invited to become a part of our extended farm family. We need and want your help in securing this dramatic piece of landscape for years to come.

An amazing place to gaze among the trees..

Secluded Creek front property with a private island to explore.

Beautiful old growth maple trees you can barely get your arms halfway around!

Numerous campsites to relax and enjoy one another's company naked in nature.

Private river pools for nude soaking.

Relax in pristine mountain water while surrounded by gorgeous forest all around.

To learn more about the possibilities and how YOU can help make this nude paradise become a reality RIGHT NOW follow the link to our crowd funding site. Many thanks, hugs and blessings. Stay nude!