Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mystical Sex and Magical Sun

Life is wonderful! Life is incredible! (In case you had forgotten!) The weather has been INCREDIBLE here for the last few weeks; it's almost like summer! Sunny everyday, clear, and warm if your'e in the sun. It would be good weather for nude activities here, such as: gardening, frisbee, skimboarding, and hiking. Anything really, as long as you keep your heart rate up a little bit and stay in the sun!

The only "official" nudist site in the area is College Cove. I haven't been going there lately, since I am also a Naturist, and I will usually avoid sucking down a few gallons of gas in the pickup if I can. Not to worry, I have instead been opting for a good deal of incredible magical (and nude, of course) sexual sessions with my wife! This has been wonderful. We get to spend hours together in the nude in the middle of Winter! This topic isn't really discussed in Naturist magazines, probably for family appeal and to win society's acceptance of "non-sexual nudity". I think this is great, and totally makes sense, but it just makes ME want to write about it even more! We're all adults here, right? Adults have sex, whether they are nudists or not!

I wanted to show some photos of JenEric Brewing Co's California State Fair 2008 Homebrew Competition first place award for their Duckbeaver Oatmeal Stout! We brewed the beer ourselves, in our own kitchen. Pretty sweet, it turned out to be the BEST IN THE STATE!!

I recently found an incredible resource for Nudists and Naturists called Skinbook! I haven't had much time to explore it yet, but as you can guess it is very similar to Facebook or Myspace, only it is "nude friendly". I have been struggling to find resources for Northern California Naturists. So I finally created a group on Facebook with this name. So far there are only two members, but I hope it will grow! Calling all Nudists! I list a few resources on there, and encourage others to do the same.

If I get thinkin about it too much (not good), I can get a bit down about the state of nudity in this country. It would be easy to feel isolated, subjugated, different, misunderstood, etc. about having to have a "seperate" Facebook of our own. Is nudity so weird? I don't think so, but maybe I have some realizations to work through. To me, nudity is natural, it is the only way, it is peaceful, spiritual, playful, fun, and relaxing. To others, what is it? What else could it be? Do other folks walk around and look at a small sparrow or a blue jay and shake their head? Do they invision a smart looking business suit on these little birds? A swimsuit? Do people want to cloth other species, or just humans? What the fuck? Maybe in time, I will get some much needed perspective on this subject. I really hope I do. As it stands, I just get mad when someone (or a group) disallows nudity in any way. I'm workin on this. Any ideas?

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