Saturday, May 10, 2014

Nude hiking at Montane de Oro

Well viewers I don't know what to say to excuse my three years to the day of blog silence other than "It's Great to be Back!". I hope you all have been well and kept up your Nude traditions, and maybe even started a few new ones! Hiking around nude in the county where I grew up is new to me. There is no reason why San Luis Obispo couldn't be an excellent Naturist destination though. They do have the incredible Pirate's Cove, numerous secluded beaches good for spontaneous nudity, and plenty of wonderfully secluded hiking trails.

Many years ago when I wrote my last blog, I was a man on an adventure. That hasn't changed although the names of things have. At the time I was happily married, but was also very intent on exploring Naked farming as well as Polyamorous relationships. It ended up that I spent several years working on a naked farm, and in so doing abandoned my long held stable marriage. This gave me opportunity to explore all I liked the possibilities of an open relationship. In the end, it became something I was not too interested in as long as most all my needs were being met by my primary partner and I could have close friendships as well.

Kind of like unfamiliar weeds in an open pasture, desiring non monogamy really indicated poor health of the marriage and plenty of unmet needs. After coming out of this struggle and into a more fulfilling relationship, it became crystal clear what those needs were. I am so grateful for this experience. Dating an incredibly attractive younger woman and working with her for several years on the farm was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. It was ultimately her openness, honesty, and creativity that helped heal me and open my heart wide again to the world.

Unfortunately the naked vegetable farming phase of my life has come to an end. Along with the farming went the beautiful lady I shared those years with. Although we keep in touch, our lives are fairly well being directed in disparate directions. What is that new direction for me? Well it is a little early to tell, but I can say that there is a someone special.. some great friendships.. and a promising new avocation!

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