Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Trinity

the rippling bosom of the River
like a tide sucking in its breath
the sweat beads of the Valley
roll over rounded rocks below1

the sweet supple curves of the surface
meditate and meander slowly
gliding seamlessly into a series of rolling ripples2

a butterfly on the beach dances in the wind
soft and warm the wind brushes up against the bunchgrass
then the air becomes suddenly still
as a cloud clowns in front of the sun’s warmth3

time seems to stop
the river turns dark
the curves on the water
flatten out into blank white lines
barely able to catch the light4

a cold flush of air rushes up the river
cobbles piled on the steep south bank
well covered in green brown moss
sit still in deep shadow5

the water seems quieter
with the new darkness in the Valley
the River hasn’t changed
a sparkle and a shadow are sung the same
through the voice of the River6

frizzy clouds thin out in the Sky
light begins to shine on the water again
ripples reflecting onto boulders
show off their dreamy bubbling light7

the salmon have now all passed through
the River is at its most calm
at ease
it will rest until the winter rains
begin to fill the land again8

water bunches up and surges
around a hefty stubborn boulder
forming quick whirlwind eddies
at the boulder’s back9

the boulder can’t stop the river
but the water slowly wears through
the outermost layers of the stiff old boulder
slowly slipping off the new river silts10

tiny bugs light up in the sunset light
like dandruff flakes
shaken from the hair11

the River does not stop to think
it is in constant motion
it is never unsure of where to go12

if it is a flat and wide section
then the River is slow
if the water is high and full
then the River boils and overflows
with power and energy
shifting car sized boulders
out of its path13

the wild River can’t be stopped
perfectly itself
it always has been
and will continue to be

the River reflects
the bright blue of the Sky
pulling cool calmness over it’s full length15

the blueness of the River at sunset
is held in the memory of the land
nothing can use up
the beauty and calm stored in the land16

when the River froths it does not forget
the calm in it’s smooth banks
when the River erodes away the hills
that snake across the Valley
it knows the land is at peace
with the changing of the river17

the Trinity has confidence
in all that it does
all that it creates, forms, and destroys
flowing over and into many things18

it has a linked faith
between each water molecule
that keeps the River as one19

it has a deep pride
in it’s role of shaping the land
and moving the water
where it needs to go20

the Trinity is in perfect harmony
with all life that passes before it
it upholds
the strong, deliberate timelessness of nature21

could be more beautiful, whole, magnificent, and perfect