Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Mountain Kilt is super on Nude Hikes!

This mountain kilt is quite incredible. If I was a woman I would be wearing a skirt all the time! But I am a man, so I must wear a "mountain kilt"!
This is an awesome clothing innovation dating back to the 16th century. We think of it as Scottish but I guess it comes from Norse culture too.
It is hard to beat the free flowing feeling from wearing a kilt while hiking. It is sheer bliss. The ease of movement is divine. The access to going number one or number two is simply unsurpassed. Impromptu "quickie" sexual fantasies are now a breeze. The world is your oyster! I think that pants should go away, at least for a while, and give kilts a chance to catch up in the 21st century male' wardrobe.
The kilt is a joyful discovery for me. Sometimes the contrast between the nude world and the textile world can seem pretty black and white. This sharp contrast can create kind of a dualistic or "lose-lose" mindset. "I'm unhappy wearing clothes to fit in, but I will get arrested if I walk around naked." Hmm... This kind of thought could be pretty discouraging to a Nudist, if not completely depressing. That is why the kilt makes me so happy! It is the grey area; it is the area in between the black and white. It is a wonderful way to carry some Nudist values into our everyday textile world with a minimum of resistance from others.
If you are interested in a Carhartt sort of kilt check out UTILIKILTS. These look pretty awesome! I haven't had the cashflow to purchase one yet, but I'm thinking about getting one this year probably. They have some pretty darn funny videos on their site. They're kind of amateurish kilt mock-u-mercials. You should check them out!


  1. Nudist AND a kilt wearer! TOO COOL!

  2. Hi Eric - was googling for a hiking kilt and your blog showed up in the search - small world. Landed up ordering the same one you have - it has apparently been discontinued by the manufacturer - inventory is scarce - but found one in my size in an outdoors store in Harpers Ferry WV of all places - should arrive in a couple of days. Utilikilts are great for street wear - but not meant for hiking - way too heavy. Doing a couple of hikes next week. Naked hiking is not easy in the immediate Bay Area - this should be a reasonable alternative. But did a naked hike in Marin County last week - encountered a few mountain bikers - but all was cool.