Friday, January 9, 2009

A new sign and This borrowed life

A new sign went up today, to let anyone walking up to our door know that our place is clothing optional. This gives me a chance to answer the door in the nude occasionally, since the sign gives them the option of knocking for nude or clothed. Two knocks is for clothed, and three knocks is for nude! We'll have to wait and see how this pans out in REALITY over the next few days!
What an incredible beautiful day it was today! Driving along the coast from Arcata up to Smith River was truly awesome. It was actually sunny and clear out across the ocean! I got to get out and do a little "work" by discussing a few potential test sites. (This would be where we plant trees to see which ones grow the best in a given area- I work for a local timber company.) The rest of the time I was just crammed in the back of a pickup truck lookin out at the beautiful day. The best part of the day was when my boss let us take a side trip to the Alexandre eco-dairy! We were on the lookout for fresh grass fed beef, but they were all out. But, we stocked up on their open pastured eggs, and butter from grass fed cows. What a nutritous treat!
Riding in the backseat of the truck gave me plenty of time to think. Overall, I'd say my thoughts were of "this borrowed life". What I mean by that is that the truck I was in, the bodies of my coworkers, the plastic dashboard, the sun, the ocean, and the sky... They are all borrowed! We are here in this life, and then we are gone. Poof! Afterlife or no, this life is surely on loan to us. Each day is a sweet, divine gift, wether we are able to realize it or not. Permanece, holding onto things, stinginess, clingyness, and possessiveness are all very dangerous habits. They are kind of like "my precious" if you are familiar with Lord of the Rings. You just can't hang onto that stuff in this life! We live in a natural world, where there is a cycle of life and death going round.

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