Monday, October 11, 2010

Workin in the Nude!

Ever think that you couldn't do a certain activity in the Nude? Well, turns out almost anything can be done comfortably in the Nude!

Check out a recent blog by Diary of a Nudist that shows people loving Nude work!

Just recently while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in Northern Washinton, I found that the best way to keep dry and warm while it was raining was to work Naked. The above photo is of me digging a trench around our tent, to keep our tent out of a puddle-under-tent situation! The physical effort of digging the trench warmed me up, and the mist on my skin easily evaporated and/or was wiped off with a towel once I got back in the tent. Besides the practicality of this, it was a a very pleasurable sensory rich experience!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A day for Earthly Reflection

Well, hello Naked ones! It has been awhile, and I have been meaning to post for some time.. Hope that you are still around, I would love to hear all of your Naked words too!

Today is 101010, a great time to reflect on this planet earth and our role as humans. For me, this has been a long road... seeking confidence in living in "harmony" with the earth.. How does one live one's life this way?? Fall is an exciting, wonderful, and abundant time of year. It may seem awkward to reflect on the need to change.. perhaps this is more of a wintertime activity.. but since we're here, why not take some time to hear what one man has to say about playing a serious role in the future of our planet:

Check out this video series interview with Derrick Jensen.

I have found more and more that love starts with ourselves.. that the way we treat ourselves is reflected in our personal relationships, in our environment, in everything we come into contact with.. If I don't take time to care for myself, I am more likely to not take the time to care for you, or the environment.. Right?

One way that we can love ourselves and the planet is by opening up ourselves to Listening. Listen to ourselves, our planet, the land, the plants, the animals that are all around us.. Let go and feel whatever it is.. tension sadness, anger, joy...

"I would let go of all my tension with noisy, uninhibited sobs. I cried in a way that adults hardly ever cry, the heart filled with sorrow."- Catherine Millet

Perhaps it is through this process, in listening to our voice.. our true heartfelt voice that we find out life's direction.. our planet's direction.. and our local environment's direction.. If we can truly listen, and create community locally and globally, then all we have to do is keep going in that direction.. keep loving and listening and learning.. moving towards what we know must be..

"If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking" -Buddhist proverb

If you must walk.. walk in the right direction.. and don't forget to take off all of your clothes, as well as your mental "clothing".. May you be Naked in all that you Do. May the soft Fall breezes bless the hair on your head, and the loving leaves of nature's garden brush along your bare backside.. whispering words of love, freedom, and divine protection..

*Sunset photo taken near Pirate's Cove, San Luis Obispo county