Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Guest blogger

I have often thought of having guest writers create the occassional Naked Words Blog. Somehow this has never materialized, as I have only approached one person so far who has not shown much interest. I came across this excellent "guest writer" the other day thanks to Nude Woody. I hope that you enjoy what Brian Kraemer has to say and that it motivates you to share some comments on my page, Woody's or somewhere else in Naked cyberspace.

Please email me at tree4yew@gmail.com if you have any submissions that you would like to have conisidered for Naked Words as well. I am open to pretty much anything that sticks to the general idea of "unclothing yourself". Whether that be in the form of a Nude pictorial, a self-growth memoir, or something similar I look forward to reading it all!


  1. Please have a look at my recent two posts about my first nudist experience... Would they be suitable material for a guest post?