Wednesday, January 13, 2010

At Once Newly Naked

Naked Words now being one year old, it seems like a good time to tell about how I got into Naturism and Nudism. (Above is a photo from the Feather River. To show how big that pool is, I am just a little dot down at the far end. A perfect dipping spot!)

About a year and a half ago, I began to search for activities and interests that were not consumer oriented. I didn't want to keep buying more stuff. At the time it seemed that one interest in my life after another was just various ways of accumulating material items. I have been into: four wheel drive trucks, knife sharpening, CB radios, rock climbing, skimboarding, music (CDS), good books, baseball, football, tennis, badminton, swimming gear, movies and more... It all amounts to plenty of stuff... for a multitude of activities I rarely take part in..

So, I started searching around the internet for something that was not consumerist.. somehow I ended up coming across Nudism and Naturism.. and started reading all I could about them.. First on the Naturist Society page, and then Wikipedia, and others. I quickly learned that there were different types of Nudists: mainly a) the authentic ones and b) the ones into "kiddie porn" or really more there for the sexualized aspects than anything else. I also learned, to my great astonishment, that I could not simply walk around Nude whenever and wherever I wanted!!! It was a great shock to me, and still is, that any law could ever be passed to prohibit or regulate being Naked. It blew my mind and still does every once in a while.

It was the middle of Winter. So I cranked up the heat, and threw off my clothes! I threw a towel down on my computer chair and surfed away learning all I could about being Naked! I came across some incredible web sites and blogs. Many of which I still read. Some of the first awesome blogs that I was lucky enough to find were Diary of a Nudist and Naked Jen. These two blogs really propelled me headlong into the world of Nudism. I was invigorated and nourished by their healthy and informative postings. Not soon after finding these blogs, I was inspired to create my own Nude blog, and Naked Words was born!

So now you know how I got into this whole Nudity thing! After my first full year I am still stoked with it and always look forward to getting Nude, because Nude activities are always incredible!