Monday, June 15, 2009

A successful hike up the North Fork of Bishop Creek

Went for a little five mile hike up the North Fork of Bishop Creek today. It was amazingly beautiful. There was practically no one up there and we were free to walk around at a leisurely pace, checking out plants, and animals, and taking plenty of photos along the way.

It was the most exercise Jen and I have had in the few weeks since we've come off the trail. Our bodies feel very rested after the time off. Today was a great success, since Jen went almost completely free of back pain on the two hour hike.

The running water was so clear and beautiful I had to get in for a dip! It was near freezing so I decided to not dunk myself after all. I got out and my feet felt like ice! It was worth it though, that stream was so wonderful and beautiful, I was glad to experience it close up!

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