Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We are all nude! Who doesn't sing in the shower?!

We are all nude. Even if we do not think of ourselves as nudists, we still have a nude place inside ourselves to connect with. The things most folks do in the nude are: shower/bathe, have sex, and run around nude when they were little. This is what is so great about nudity, you can't escape it! I'm sure this nude side is very different for everyone.

First off, you were a naked little kid way back when. That "innocent" time as people say (I guess that makes us guilty now!) before we grew up into adults. I don't really buy this whole innocence to guiltiness transition; I'm sorry, I just don't. To me it is an Adam and Eve type thing imposed on us by society. I don't believe in the destruction of our innocence. Our innocence is our birthright, we must claim this important part of ourselves!! I don't believe that we have been banished from the Garden of Eden. I believe that the Garden of Eden is to be found on earth! Paradise and innocence still exist on earth, therefore they can be proliferated more and more until that is all there is; pure happiness. Enjoy your body freedom as you did when you were a child. Be totally carefree about nakedness. Think it strange that all "the adults" are wearing clothes out in the hot sun.

Secondly, we all have sex in the nude. Of course there maybe exceptions, but these are the kinds of quickies you read about in erotic stories: sex in the changing room, sex in the airplane restroom, or sex on the boss's desk. These wonderful moments in sexual adventuring aside, mostly sex is had fully in the nude. It is totally acceptable socially to be nude while having sex. There is no confusion here. It is even fairly acceptable to lounge after sex in the nude. What a great time to enjoy the sensuality of the human body, and be free of the constrictions of clothing! Lounge, play, be free!

*On a quick side note, one of the most common misconceptions about Nudism is that it is all about sex. For most people sex appeal means more skin. I think most Nudists though would agree that a bikini clad woman conjures up more sexual ideas than a nude woman. The idea being that dressing one's self up like a Christmas gift makes the viewer want to open the gift and see what is inside. In other words, covering up certain areas of the body creates mystery, intrigue, and desire around that area. Exposing all areas of the body is the natural state of being, and when this is somehow blocked (with clothing) the mind tries to connect a reason to the covered area. But, there is no reason... Only that society is in the habit of clothing acceptance, and nudity rejection. There is simply no need physiologically, psychologically, or even socially for clothing to cover our bodies at all times.*

Thirdly, we shower and/or bathe in the nude. Have you ever tried taking a shower with a soggy pair of shorts on? No, probably not, but most of you have probably worn some soggy suit into a swimming pool or public beach. Isn't it great to be totally nude in the shower? This may be the only time in the day that we are not constricted (by clothing) in our movements. Enjoy IT! Take long showers, take luxuriant bathes, and linger long after in the nude as you dry off. This is your time to bond with your beautiful body. It is a time to be quiet but full of soulful energy. A time to relax, and recharge the self. Take in all the peacefulness and body acceptance you need or want. Enjoy this body, this self, this life; it is yours waiting to be lived through completely, fully, and magically.

I know that Nudists and non-nudists read this blog occasionally. I am very curious to read what both think about going nude, and our reservations about not doing so more often. What is it that stops us from keeping the clothes off after the shower? What is it that prompts us to throw off our clothes and walk around the house/yard naked? What do we need to hear to know that it is OK? What kinds of word associations do you make with being naked? For me I think of: craziness (good craziness), wild, freedom, fun, and sensuality.

I look forward to hearing from you. How you view your naked body is the foundation for your self image. Love your body TODAY! Cherish your right to live this wonderful life free of clothing (if even for a little while)! Love to all of you; Be Well.


  1. I've never understood Adam's and Eve's hiding their nakedness. Genesis doesn't establish nudity as a problem prior to the first couple's fall, and there isn't any relevant exposition subsequent to The Lord's dietary inquiry. (Someone might say that it's so obvious that nudity is wrong, that it never occurred to Genesis' authors to say why, but this raises the issue of cultural blinders in Judea and Elizabethan England.)

    Gregory Bateson claimed that Adam and Eve kicked God out of the garden. Wearing clothing when we don't need protection has to be part of giving Him the boot upstairs.

  2. Hmmm.. interesting. Adam and Eve kicked God out of the garden of Eden. I like that idea. I guess we could relate that to our everyday lives as we are in control of our own happiness. We hold the key to our own garden of Eden. I guess that not feeling shame about being nude would be what puts us back into paradise. Body acceptance is bliss!
    What a great thoughtful comment, thank you!