Monday, June 15, 2009

Zumanity, Blue Man Group and Hooters all in one place?! Vegas!

Jen and I took a little side trip from the trail- a two night stay in Las Vegas! Wow, we had plenty of fun the whole time we were there. Highlights include: Zumanity show by Cique du Soleil, show by Blue Man Group, gambling at Hooters, free beers at Pour 24, and the fountain show at the Bellagio.

Most of all I have to say Zumanity stood out. I would love to go see it again immediately! The show included all kinds of sexual fantasies along with amazing gymnastics/acrobatics and some great humor thrown in too! I would say the show was relatively pretty liberal about nudity. They did not show the genital areas, but everything else was fair game. Maybe half or so of the performers wore some type of simulated skin suit. Maybe this was to help with the acrobatics, or their comfort level with nudity. The fantasies were directed to both male, female, gay, and straight. How evenly balanced between these I can't say.. but they seemed to give a good attempt at not just appealing to the standard straight male psyche. I was really stoked with this performance! I think it is a pretty positive force in the world of Vegas shows. This may be the only experience people have with real naked people standing in front of them for a 1 1/2 hour period!
For me this show was truly incredible.. and perhaps transcendental of Las Vegas? It did not just provide a tantalizing or teasing kind of experience. It actually felt truly fulfilling! It seemed that the performers and the show/script combined to create a wonderful giving experience. I got the feeling the cast was giving to me, they were sharing genuinely with me, and that they wanted me to really enjoy myself. What an incredible feeling! If you can do so, go see this show!

Blue Man Group was very funny, and the music was sweet! Where do they come up with that stuff? It is totally wonderful, wacky, and very talented. They can get a little messy when you sit in the front row, so we had to don plastic suits!

Hooters was a treat. They gave us some free slot play, and Jen ended up winning some pretty good cash! We got free drinks, and or course some tantalizing eye candy too (for better or worse- this type of boob display is kind of like caffeine.. a big up and then a down later.. not really healthy.. but an all too frequent addiction for some I'm sure...)!

We were given some coupons for free drinks at Pour 24. This place was at the hotel we were staying at; New York New York. It had the most amazing bar! It was made up of these thin cross sections of blue geode! Incredibly beautiful. This is my most favorite bar ever! Oh yeah, the beer was good too. Got to try Dogfish head 90 minute IPA, and Stone Ruination IPA, both on tap.

This was the first time Jen and I had seen the fountain at the Bellagio; it was spectacular! We watched it several times. The whole light and fountain show is set to this beautiful opera music.. Wow.. a must see!

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