Friday, May 8, 2009

A Dip in Whitewater Creek and Big Bear Zero

Right now I am enjoying a zero day at the Big Bear Hostel. It feels great to be off the feet for an entire day. The bones in my feet were getting jarred. They might be getting back closer to normal feeling now (stopped vibrating all the time). This hostel is the sweetest! Lots of great PCT hikers around. Lots of socializing, feasting, and kickin back.

I had a first little skinny dip a few days ago in Whitewater creek (little ways north of Palm Springs). The weather peaked up into the 100s in the middle of the day. We hit this lonely six foot wide creek out in the middle of a 20 mile hike through the desert. What an awesome find!!! The water actually felt cold at first, but after a few seconds it felt perfectly comfortable (sixtyish). So completely refreshing, ahhh... The water was only about a foot or two deep and it was running fast! To dunk myself entirely I had to lay down on the bottom of the creek bed and hold fast to a big huge rock to keep from being pulled away with the current.

I am really looking forward to Deep Creek in a few days. There should be plenty of skinny dipping there at the hot springs out in the woods. Can't wait to update soon!

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