Saturday, December 12, 2009

Guided by Peace

How come every year I seem to stay in a "summer" mindset right up until the Winter Solstice? I'm pretty sure it is directly related to the fact that I grew up in Southern California, where we have no seasons- only rain, or no rain. Living in Northern California now isn't that much different, except it's a wee bit colder! In other words, I haven't gotten into any Nude winter activities yet. I still am dreaming about the swimming holes of the past summer and longing for some warm summer rays that somehow do not seem very far back in my past.

One little dipping spot that seems to capture that longing for summer for me was found along the Middle Fork of the San Joaquin river. Although probably flanked by snow right now, I still envision it in my head as the warm sunny place where I dipped in a cool flowing pool as a respite from the summer heat.

On the one hand this pool of the San Joaquin was a nice place to beat the hot weather. But on the other hand it was a magical connection to an aqua spiritual flow. What makes us come back to places again and again? Why are they so special to us? What makes the bond.. the emotional connective glue inside us.. what is it? Some might call it a connection with an "infinite intelligence"... or it could just be called a joyous all knowing moment! Whatever "It" is... it is surely a peaceful guiding force within me, and I am very thankful for it/me.

Here some sustaining words from Science of Mind magazine.

Floating on a stream of unconditional thankfulness, I love the world around me and in me. Life is good, and I eat it up, speak it out, and rest in a nest of love.

May you always enjoy the mindset of summer and Stay Nude!!

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