Sunday, September 6, 2009

Come ALIVE and into the light Naked Sun Worshipers!

What is it? Where is it that we go to cover up (in every sense of the word)? There must be a singular spot, a one location, a hot spot, a central hub, where all the hidings hang out. This place where all truth goes to be concealed, where all nudity goes to keep from being revealed, this place where we can lay all our fears to rest.. we can let any worries we have about being exposed all fall away into the deep deep darkness of unexposure.. of blank film in the can.. of blank movie theatre screens in the early am, before anything is ever shown. How deep, how deep does this place go? How far will we let ourselves fall into this sweet deep numb blind false temporary comfort?

Like the cycle of night and day our mind must go into the light as well as into the dark. We use the dark to rest our weary minds, we use the light to show our wonderful selves. For the mind to rest in the night, the dark is a good thing... but for the mind (or the body) to stay for a lifetime huddled in this chilly lonely massless dark is a simple failure of the mind to come alive.

Come alive! Come ALIVE in spirit and mind and body!!! Each second, each precious mental step, each physical breath is the gift of this world. Life as we know it. Microcosm. Gifts from the drops of rain on your window are the clarity of mind that is needed. Shafts of light from the sun strong up the mental foundation of everyday happiness. Nature bares herself in the nude each day for us. She is not huddled in the dark, but embraces and thrives on the light. We are born of the light. We are by nature sun worshippers. We thrive on the sun as nature does, we grow from golden rays, from cloudless days, from all the ways that light finds us!

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