Monday, September 7, 2009

"Being Naked is Political"- Naked Jen

What is it we are trying to learn from nude blogging? Where are we going? What is it that ultimately, in the long run, that we bloggers wish to communicate to our readers? This is a good but challenging question that I posed to another nudist blogger known simply as Naked Jen. Here is her response:

being naked is political. so if you're going to do it, do it for the right reasons.

not to offend someone else.
not to get attention or to be provocative.
not out of shame.

do it to celebrate your beautiful body.

It isn't about shock. It's actually about awe! It's about the wonder that is our body, that it is unique and ours alone. And that is should be celebrated and not always covered.

Being naked is political. Just think about that for a second. Being naked is not only a fashion statement, it is a political statement! When we think we are being plainly ourselves, when we are bared to the world, not covered up, when we are at our most vulnerable, most alive, most sane, most omniscient, wonderful, incredible, viable, potent, flexible, and unimaginably free, that is when we are seen as a statement to the world. That is when we are seen as defending or threatening the world as it stands, because we are as the spring flowers, new, beautiful, and strange, always awaiting interpretation, and always redifining beauty and truth with the shifting of our bodies, and our selves. We define as we go, without realizing it, without seeing that we are a part of that whole, an integral little niche filler in the big grand eco-sphere of existence.

Nothing is anything less than sacred. Hidden well below our vision, in our day to day activities, each and every little one of them, is the possibility for transformation. We transform ourselves as we view others, bare ourselves to others, and step simply out of our own dark shadow into the light of day. When the secrets of self transformation are all known then we are enlightened. We are naked to ourselves, and we shine light onto the world. The power of nudity is incredible. It is amaqing to realize that this power extends into the realm of politics. In this realm, we too have an incredible voice, waiting to be heard.

You can visit her amazingly inspirational Nudist blog. Thank you Naked Jen for your beautiful and wise words!


  1. Yes, being naked is political. I would ask, how far should we go 'not to offend someone else?' Are we truly responsible for others taking offense?

  2. That is a funny funky fine line... At least as far as I know. Does it depend on the size of your group? I was interested to learn about your group that goes out and walks around town naked to "exercise their rights". I would love to do this in the near future! If I was the only naked man around, frankly I would be afriad of the law coming down on me. In a group, I think I would be more bold.

    Well, to answer your question... If being naked is a right, then it is not someone's responsibility to dress otherwise if someone is offended. I can wear whatever t-shirt I want, right? These can be offensive to some people! Would I be asked to remove my shirt by the police or the offended individual??? I would hope not!!

  3. there is a review in my blog of your blog in order that my readers could read you from Spain!!!!
    Regards from Sapin!!!!

  4. Thanks for linking up Naked Words to Spain! Hello from Northern California!