Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Dream about Love

Here is a dream about Love that I had sometime over a year ago. I think it is so interesting how Love evolves within us, for us and because of us. This dream is part of my own personal Love Evolution within myself.

Last night I dreamt of you. We were in a crowd of people; all was quiet to me except for you. You had your hand on someone laying down; you knelt and looked into my eyes and said the words "I have cancer.". I wept. I cried deeply. I hugged you; you embraced me back in your warm fuzzy long sleeve button up green and grey sweater. I felt deeply sad. I grieved for you, at the loss of you. I felt deeply the sense of sorrow within myself at having to live without you. My attachment to you is as strong as ever. Maybe if I understood better I would want to genuinely give up my love attachment to you.

But I don't see what is to stop me from flying headlong deeply in love with you
with the fantasy of you
with the real you
with the memory of you
with the fake you
with the future you
with the emotional you
with the loving you
the angry you
the selfish you
the giving you

than again, I think I do understand but I really really don't. What I understand is that I cannot understand the powerful emotion of raw love
of electric attraction
of stampeding elephants

I want to be there so badly. I want to cry. I just want to be there, there where you are, where you create your secret worlds. I want to be in the place where I think I am not wanted.
where I think I am not welcome
not invited
not intended to be there

I am on the outside looking in
the glass on the window is cold

I dream of a connection beyond all of this
no boundaries
no mistrust
no broken glass
only Love
only sweet summer clouds and Love

Please let me know what you think! I would also appreciate hearing any dreams about Love that any of you may have had and would like to share.

Blessings and Awakening Wishes to you All. May your connections to Love be strong, your thoughts be rooted in the moment, and your nourishment be alive and nutrient dense. Oh yeah.. and don't forget to Go Naked in your dreams; it's not illegal yet!

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