Friday, February 26, 2010

Orr Hot Springs- a beautiful and relaxing place...

Where will you find me on a lazy summer afternoon? Well if I have anything to say about it I will definitely be at Orr Hot Springs! This place is simply a delightful natural splendor, maintained impeccably by local staff. Wow... Go. Have fun. Need I say more?

If you haven't run out the door already to go there, here is a little bit more about my experience there. The tiny little Orr Hot Springs is located about 12 miles outside of Ukiah, CA on a smidgen of an old country road, that winds beautifully up along some oak speckled ridges. Parking is located across the creek from the resort ( a nice sound barrier, huh?). A beautiful walking path carries you alongside the small creek and up through the resort gates. Once inside you are introduced to a beautiful facility, complete with an: indoor lounge area, common kitchen, cabins, public cool pool, public sauna, steam room, warm pools, public showers, and private warm baths. All of these bathing areas are fed by local mineral springs! The water is very rich in minerals and wonderfully warm!

Photos by Eric Cinowalt and Paul Trichel. You can see more of Paul's great photography at his website.

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