Saturday, August 22, 2009

Skinny dip in a freezing pool before hiking to Ashland

Typing fast on the Ashland library computers now- fifteen minute time limit for guests, ouch! This town is wonderful. We love the quasi hippy/enviro culture that is somewhat pervasive here. We are really liking the Co-op and hostel- both are super gems for anywhere, not just on the PCT. We may head up to a little skinny dippin spot up from the park called the Fairy ponds. This could be nice and relaxing- it has been up to 100 degrees here, but has cooled off to the high 80s or low 90s.

Last skinny dip was the day before we got to Seiad Valley. Freeeeeezing cold stream.!!! Beautiful, clear, water in a nice constrained little channel. We have been dipping in the creeks every few days to keep the body-dirt somewhat reduced. It has been a delightful alternative to showers. It is so much easier to dip into a creek. Don't need to worry about bumping your legs and arms into the walls of a shower... Don't have to wait for minutes as a low flow showerhead slowly gives up enough water to drain the dirt off of your legs...

Until next time... Be Nude.. Feel Loved.. and Be Well.. Take Care!

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