Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We make our way to the Mexican border, food poisoning and all!

Hello everyone.. Whew, it's been an exhausting few weeks. Ever since I had the misfortune of eating some food which gave me really bad food poisoning I've had a LOT less energy than is my usual. It's coming back, but it is taking its time.
Jen and I have made the move to Ukiah, CA. Now it is a 6 hour car trip down to San Luis Obispo, CA, where we will catch a train down to Pasadena, CA, and then from there get a car ride to our final destination (also starting point) Campo, CA. We will begin our five month hike of the Pacific Crest Trail next Monday April 20th!

The attached photo is of some tasty barley pancakes made by Jen, and some fresh mango, kiwis, and strawberries on top- delicious! We're trying to load up on healthy food while we still can; most of the food "on the trail" will be highly preserved and/or processed foods.

We will have our Blackberry with us on the hike, with intermittent service. After fooling with it for hours trying to get a photo to load to this blog, we finally decided it wasn't going to happen. So, you might see blogs without text for a while, and then a bunch of pictures uploaded once a month or so when I get into a town for a few days.

There will also be day to day photos and text at our trail blog

I will keep the posts coming. Enjoy this wonderful Spring weather!

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